AquaKinetic Hydrotherapy

AquaMax Plumbing System

AquaMax Plumbing System

  • Extra large hoses and oversized plumbing allow maximum water flow.
  • Manifold system and minimal 90 degree plumbing joints ensure consistent water flow throughout entire spa.
  • The combination ensures users a more effective jet massage than standard plumbing.

Sure Grip is just-that, the plumbing fits over the fitting. Due to the rings in the plumbing, the fitting actually becomes stronger when pressure is applied instead of weaker. Larger size plumbing allows for a high volume of water to go through to the jets at a softer and soothing pressure. We have added double protection for longer use of the spa, by gluing and clamping the ends. (see display) 

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with Friends
Family Enjoyment
Fitness / Swim Spas
Health and Wellness
Vacation Home / Multi-Family

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Multiple Jet Patterns
LED Accent Lighting
Water Filtration
Water Features
Enhanced Power
(multiple pumps)
Energy Efficiency

Please choose your colors:

Framed skirt shown. Framed skirting only available on select models. Please consult your dealer for for information.
Available Spa Colors
Cameo Colbal Lustre Desert Horizon Latte Majestic Sky Midnight Canyon Mocha Lustre Pearl Shadow Red Sierra Silk Silver Marble Storm Clouds Tranquility Tuscan Sun

Available Skirt Colors
Ash Black Black Wicker Brown Wicker Canyon Gray Stone Chestnut Cocoa Sierra Brown Stone

Available Cover Colors
Gray Teak

Current Selections
Spa: Cameo
Skirt: Ash
Cover: Gray

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